Gamifying Diabetes with a new “Diabesties” App


Gamifying diabetes with a new "diabesties" app


Diabesties is a new app that aims to connect and store diabetes data sent between friends.  Diabesties, is not to read diabeasties (as I mistakenly did the first time).  It rather sounds like besties or best friends.

This app is applicable to both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes which is a plus.

I learned about a new network called the CDN or College Diabetes Network when I was investigating this app.  Apparently the company Prefer Health Networks DBA- Ayogo got their idea for this app after speaking with CDN.  Ayogo creates health gamification apps for chronic disease management.

These guys look cool.  Gamification can be wildly successful in healthcare and it seems like they have it dialed.  The tagline on their website reads:

At Ayogo, we’re helping people change their lives, one fun social game at a time. We create “Games for Good” – Serious Games that nurture human connection, motivate, educate, and promote health and wellness.

They have given the texting back and forth with friends a platform to both store and organize their data easily.  Text messages don’t collect in such a way that will track and trend.  However, this app can be used as a one way tool sharing information to a parent or friend.  This app reminds me of another, Blue Loop by MyCareConnect which is marketed more toward the tween and teen age range.

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