Diabetes and Juice Boxes, are they Recyclable?



Diabetes and juice boxes go hand in hand.  In fact, we may be the heaviest users of the juice box~ not exclusive of adults here either!  Having an easily digestible and readily accessible form of sugar to raise low blood sugars is vital with diabetes.diabetes, low blood sugar and juice boxes

Because I am a tree hugger at heart, I always buy large bottles of juice which I know are recyclable for the house.  But are all of those little juice boxes recyclable?  Good question, let’s look into what can be done to decrease all the garbage associated with these convenient little packages.

Depending on the community you live in you may be able to recycle juice boxes with your curbside recycling program.  Go to earth911.com, plug in your zip code (to the right of where it says juice boxes) to see if your local recycler includes these in their program.

With a process called hydrapulping the paper portion of the juice box is separated from the polyethylene, made into pulp and used used in future paper products.

Juice boxes are typically made up of six layers of paper (24%), polyethylene (70%), and aluminum foil (6%). The paper provides stiffness and strength and gives the package its brick shape. Polyethylene serves two purposes. On the inner most layer, it forms the seal that makes the package liquid tight. On the exterior, it provides a protective coating that keeps the package dry and provides a printing surface for nutritional and marketing information. The aluminum foil forms a barrier against light and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration or preservatives to prevent spoilage. According to enotes.com

Upcycle a juice box

If all else fails make a project with your discarded juice boxes like a  Juice Box Boat from apartmenttherapy.com

Yes, it floats.

There you go, a few solutions for diabetes and juice boxes!





  1. Lorraine says:

    Thanks! I just learned that they’re recyclable in my town!

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