Taking Type 1 Diabetes to School

504 plans, emergency plans, DMMP

Summers over? It’s hard to believe its that time of the year again… Mental lists are forming- uniforms, shoes, lunchboxes, backpacks, haircuts, school supply lists.

What if type 1 diabetes is part of the mix?

Your list of to do’s will be unique and a bit lengthier than the average family.  You may be thinking of school trainings, 504 plans, emergency plans and updating records (amongst the million other things you do as a parent, right?). [Read more...]

Glucagon 101, Teachers as Students

emergency glucagon administration at school

Glucagon training at school- when teachers become the students.

As we’re preparing for a new school year in a new- ahem… MIDDLE SCHOOL, I started digging through the cabinets in search of expired glucagon emergency kits that I tucked away for exactly this purpose.  I quickly realized why saving select expired D-items comes in handy.

Why Train People in Glucagon Administration?

If a person’s blood sugar is so low that they are unresponsive or having a seizure they’re essentially starving the brain of sugar.  I’d like someone to fix that quickly for my child at school.  If this is your desire, you need to train others and have it available for them to use. [Read more...]

The Gluten Free Lunchbox


What’s in your Gluten Free Lunch Box?type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, whats for lunch?

Kids yearn to be like their peers.  It’s natural to want what the person next to you is snarfling down.

Having to live with the dietary restrictions of celiac disease can put a damper on things.  Living with both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease also adds more to the dizzying array of rules and regs to follow.  [Read more...]

Type 1 Diabetes Bag for School


Having all of the type 1 diabetes essentials in one place usually equates to a “diabetes bag” for most families.  It may vary in size, type 1 diabetes suppliesshape and structure but this is what works best for us.

We have always been able to find an over the shoulder bag that fits everything nicely.  My daughter likes these bags because they are fairly small and easy to wear.  She will grab it for walks, recess, PE, field trips, swim team, etc. -throw it over her shoulder and take off. [Read more...]

Type 1 Diabetes at School


What is the most frightening thing for parents of children with type 1 diabetes?  (Hint: look into the eyes of the parents dropping their everything you need to know about type 1 diabetes at schoolchildren at diabetes camp for the first time).

The answer may vary wildly between families, but there is usually one held in common.  The typical response is: when your child is out of your line of vision and cared for by someone else.   We see this happen most frequently in the school environment because of the sheer amount of time spent there.  Being that children are at school about 40 hours a week, having solid plans in place are essential. [Read more...]

Type 1 Diabetes Sample School Medical Management Plan


Starting school with Type 1 Diabetes can feel like a scary experience for all involved parties.  We have found an increased level of comfort and safety through a few steps that we complete every year.

One of the important steps in daily management of a child at school is having a Diabetes diabetes at schoolMedical Management Plan in place.  Why you ask?  Once in place, it serves as a daily guide for both teachers and nurses to follow that is simple and easily understandable.  Safety at school is key when your child is away from your care. [Read more...]

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