Homemade Rice Krispy Cereal Bars



{This is a guest post by Carly Trigg of My Well Being Journal. Try her homemade rice krispy cereal bars recipe, and be sure to check out her other delicious and healthy creations on her blog as well.}

Healthy Recipes: Homemade Rice Krispy Cereal Bars


Despite cereal bars being commonly associated with inherent ‘good health’, a lot of those pesky food companies out there have taken all the joy right out of cereal bars.

Homemade Rice Krispy Cereal Bars, celiac disease, healthy


Packing them with sugars, additives and oils, it’s no wonder these are actually one of the worst products for your health as it goes.

Just look at the originator – the Rice Krispy Milk Cereal Bar. The name forever suggested to parents that these were healthy – they were packed full of calcium and were a good way to start the day, right?