A Gluten Free Winner- Trader Joe’s Pizza


Gluten freeTrader Joe’s is of course one of our favorite places to get groceries.  New to their gluten free movement is pizza!

Whenever I head to Phoenix I always load up with my favorite goodies.  This trip I threw a few gluten free pies in the cooler.  At $4.99 a piece the price point is competitive, as far as frozen pizzas go.

Popping it out of the box the size was a bit disappointing but most things gluten free are smaller than their glutinous counterparts.  Regardless of the size envy, the pizza did look like it would cook up nicely.

It baked in a bit over 10 minutes right on the oven rack- beware if you have an oven that also houses gluten baking.  I bet it would cook well on a cookie sheet or pizza pan to avoid contamination with celiac disease.

gluten free, celiac diseaseThe pizza was very flavorful, had slices of tomato, and cheese that melted well.  The crust was crispy and light.  This is definitely something I will buy regularly and keep for an easy dinner night.  It passed the kid test which says something in and of itself…

I did cook two of these pizzas for a family of four.  Paired with a nice big salad everyone was satiated.  Calling half of the pie a serving is adequate at 350 calories and 34 carbohydrates- although you may be tempted to eat the entire thing.


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  1. Marin says:

    my boyfriend found out he has ceailc in 2001, I found out in 2008 shortly before I met him . After two months of eating nothing but sushi and fritos, he made me gluten free crab cakes and clearly knew the way to my heart!but having both of us be ceailc is extraordinarily important I think makes a huge difference. We know what the other one feels like when glutened something that I believe is impossible to explain to anyone who isn\’t ceailc. we also get excited together about new foods we find we can have, and new restaurants with GF menues, it really has been I believe a part of our relationship that really contributes to us being as happy as we are. My boyfriends brother has it as well, and his wife eats gluten free because its jsut easier for them and has learned to bake and cook gluten free for him very well and you can tell it makes a difference for them as well, contrastingly.. his cousin who has a gluten intolerance but not ceailc seems to cheat much more because her fiance does not stick to a gluten free diet. Just my two cents it\’s made a huge difference in my life having the most important person in my life be gluten free

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