Basketball Camp for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Basketball Camp for kids with type 1 diabetesIt’s time to start thinking about summer plans already?  If you have a child with type 1 diabetes, summer camp may be on your radar now.  There are many incredible options for summer camps with type 1 diabetes if you are interested.

My daughter has a new found love of basketball this year so I began the search for a basketball camp.  What I came up with was quite impressive, so I thought I would share it with you.

If you haven’t heard of the Chris Dudley Foundation you will want to check this out.  Chris Dudley is a former NBA basketball player and diabetes advocate who lives with type 1 diabetes. Chris Dudley played ball for the Portland Trailblazers and had a successful career with type 1 diabetes.

“The goal of this camp (and for the clinics, as well) is to give kids a sense of how to play a vigorous sport while managing their diabetes.”- According to the Chris Dudley Foundation

This basketball camp is a popular one.  The enrollment is capped at 75 campers with priority given to returning campers.  If you are interested, you need to hop on this now- or keep the information tucked away for next year.  Camp serves kids 10-17 years old and takes places in Vernonia, Oregon near Portland.  This camp draws kids from all over the country who live with type 1 diabetes.



For more information on the Chris Dudley Foundation and their programs follow this link to the Chris Dudley Foundation.


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