Kids and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)


kids and continuous glucose monitors (CGM)After six months of consecutive Dexcom use this is what I heard last week-
“Mom I want to take a break from my Dex”

The list started to roll…

“I haven’t been able to find it lately”
“I’m tired of wearing it”
“I’m playing basketball”
“There’s too many things on me”…

Sometimes it’s difficult to honor your child’s requests but this one was a sure thing.  Her Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) was pulled right out and is taking a leave of duty in the cabinet.

I must honestly say that I miss our ability to peek at her glucose readings in the middle of the night and those pesky alarms that wake us with lows or highs.  I really miss the trending most of all.  A number on a glucometer is just a snapshot in time.  The CGM enables the user to see where that number is going, not just what it is.  After having that continuous flow of information it feels like riding on blind faith without it.  Having a CGM has dramatically changed the way we parent to type 1 diabetes- it’s hard to imagine we ever did it successfully without one.

However, this is not just about me.

When we upgrade to the Dexcom G4 I know her issues with it will quell.  Having to keep the Dexcom 7 within a five foot range is hard for an adult but even more difficult for a child.  Having a 20 foot plus range is much more reasonable.  She could be running around on the basketball court, hit the bench and see a number (not a sensor mark) with the newest version by Dexcom.

Just a hiccup in growing up with type 1 diabetes.  I’m glad I can meet her needs by simply listening and making changes.  That can be hard when the idea isn’t yours and when it involves managing a chronic disease.  At the end of the day happiness rules and health will follow.

I’m sure the Dex won’t gather too much dust before its back on again because there is so much she also loves about it - “Dexcom CGM- a Child’s Perspective”




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