She Sugar: Riding 104 Miles for JDRF


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November is Diabetes Awareness Month and I’ve got two special things in store:

  • I’ll be moderating Diabetic Connect’s #DCDE Twitter chat on Tuesday evenings 9 p.m. EST with other diabetes advocates and experts as guests.  Please try to stop by for the conversation – this is open to all types of diabetes and providers!

Click here for more information about how to Tweet and what the topics will be.

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If you haven’t noticed all of my posts and pictures pertaining to riding my bicycle on Facebook, then you may not know my other full-time job this summer and fall was spent on a bicycle saddle.  I may be the one providing the pedal power and balancing my blood sugars over 104 miles, but the truth is – I’m riding for you.

I’m riding for the hundreds of little hands that I’ve held as a nurse volunteering in the middle of the night, checking blood sugars at diabetes camps.

I want there to be a day when these sweet kiddos can say: “Remember when I had diabetes?“.

Please consider a small donation towards JDRF through this ride, every dollar matters!  I have raised $3,000 and there’s less than three weeks until race day – thank you for your support!




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