Diabetes Bag for School



Having all of the diabetes essentials in one place usually equates to a “diabetes bag” for most families.  It may vary in size, shape and type 1 diabetes suppliesstructure but this is what works best for us.

We have always been able to find an over the shoulder bag that fits everything nicely.  My daughter likes these bags because they are fairly small and easy to wear.  She will grab it for walks, recess, PE, field trips, swim team, etc. -throw it over her shoulder and take off.

Having a well stocked diabetes bag at school is like wearing a life vest while boating. Your child may not need it that day, but it is assurance and provides safety.

I am in the habit of refilling this little guy at the end of the day.  It is a good visual for a day in the life of diabetes.  Strewn with food wrappers, glucometer strips, alcohol wipes, used cartridges, and other sticky surprises.  Diabetes can produce some serious garbage which is a bummer if you are a recycler like myself.  Needless to say, those little strips tuck themselves everywhere and add up quickly at the rate we test their blood sugars.


Inside of “the bag” we always stock the same essentials and here is our list:

Juice Box


Larabar (or a gluten free energy of some sort)

Clif Shot Bloks

The glucometer bag (glucose strips, alcohol wipes, lancing device (aka- finger poker), extra pump and glucometer batteries, extra pokers and sometimes a syringe and insulin.

When she is old enough for a cell phone that will be in here as well (and she can’t wait for that!!)


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