Jewels Doskicz is not financially supported by any companies at this time for full disclosure.  If that changes, the companies will be specifically listed on my blog.  I will accept products for review on my blog.  She sugar will also accept payment from potential advertisers if accepted; there are none at this time.

I am an independent contractor with Insulet the makers of the OmniPod insulin pump.  I am paid for services as a Certified Pump Trainer by OmniPod.  My daughter Emma and I both wear a Medtronic insulin pump.

My only affiliate link is with Amazon for my favorite product suggestions.

All writing is done by Jewels Doskicz unless otherwise mentioned or linked to another website to reference an article.  I reserve all rights to my writing, please contact me if you are interested in using any of my blog material.

***Just like exploring in the backcountry- use She Sugar AT YOUR OWN RISK!!***

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