Driving Safely


I’m sure you remember how excited you were when you first sat in the drivers seat and plugged the key in the ignition of a car.  Type 1 diabetes and drivingDifferent than the riding lawn mower, oh the freedom of the open road…

I just got to thinking about my very first car and it made me laugh out loud.  I absolutely loved my little ball of sunshine- it was a bright yellow VW Rabbit.  My Rabbit was diesel, stick shift, had a cassette player and a sunroof  (deluxe for the 1980′s right?).  I loved this little thing and had a blast driving it. Isn’t it cute?!

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in eighth grade, so I remember going through this educational piece with my parents quite well.  I also remember the “I think I know everything” uber independent phase I grew through.  But lets face the music, driving and diabetes can produce a scary combination if not managed well.

I recently saw a video clip and an article on ABC about a great program for teens about driving safely with type 1 diabetes.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and I hoped parents were utilizing this resource for their family when teenage-dome rolled around.  The program is called “Check B4U Drive” by the Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation.

In 2011 the Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation (JD No Limits) unveiled their new catchy name and popular program.

According to the Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation

“The Foundation’s objective is to continue working to bring the program to cities across the U.S. and further its status as one of the premier programs for teens with diabetes.”

“Check B4U Drive is a one-day drivers mini-camp combining effective diabetes management with advanced driving skills.”

Learning the dynamics of driving safely, meeting with a Certified Diabetes Educator and spending time behind the wheel round out this innovative program for teenagers.  Type 1 diabetes presents a unique checklist for driving.  This program sets safety first and brings points to the table that teens with diabetes need to address.

This JD No Limits program is free of charge, click here to contact them about their Check B4U Drive Program.

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