Easter Basket 101: Healthier Ideas For Your Kids


Easter is the one-two punch that comes immediately on the heels of Valentine’s Day; it creates another few weeks of fending off the candy aisle at work, school, parties, banks – and quite frankly, everywhere you turn.

Luckily, there are ways to make Easter morning and the Easter basket less of a ‘candy-fest’ and still have your kids feel like they aren’t being jipped-off.

Tip #1

Lets start with a the 2014 list of safe gluten-free candies from the beautiful website Beard and Bonnet; they’ve done the hard work for us.

Beard & Bonnet's Gluten Free Easter Candy List #glutenfree

Tip #2

Don’t turn Easter into Christmas.  You may be temped to ‘make up for’ the situation by spending a ton of cash on other sizable gifts instead of candy, but it’s not necessary.

Tip #3

Try these Easter basket ideas on for size:

  • Small toys (you’d be surprised by what fits into a plastic egg)
  • A dark chocolate bunny (it’s very low-glycemic)
  • Favorite candies – for low blood sugar of course
  • A card game
  • Movie tickets
  • Gum
  • A jump rope
  • A diary (lock and key!)
  • Bubbles, pencils, sidewalk chalk
  • A plastic egg which has written instructions inside that starts a scavenger hunt.  Fill the eggs they find with pocket change and the final egg with a dollar bill.  (Cash is king; kids get more excited about that than candy.)
  • A cool t-shirt
  • Some small gadget they’re dying for


Tip #4

Make some yummy treats at home with your kids!  Long lasting memories are formed in the kitchen; kids love to create things – especially with you.  Try these on for size:






  1. Thanks for sharing our Easter candy list!! I swear the holiday candy aisles scare me to death;) Love all of the recipes you are sharing too.

    • jewels says:

      Thanks Meg! Would love to have you guest post on a gluten-free diabetes friendly recipe if you’re interested. Best! Jewels

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