Holistic Health Coaching with Jewels RN


Personalized Health Coaching Developed by a Registered Nurse:

  • Learn Personal Strategies for Disease & Stress Management

    - Improve Health with Mindful Eating and Exercise
    - Create Healthy Lifelong Habits
    - Identify Solutions for Common Challenges

  • Achieve Measurable Health Milestones
  • Care for Children Living with Chronic Disease

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“I’ve learned more from Jewels than from all of the doctors and medical professionals while living with Type 1 diabetes over the past (now) 45 years.”
Monika, Type 1 Diabetes Patient
Sedona, AZ

“If Diabetes came with a human instruction manual, it would be from the mouth of experienced Jewels Doskicz.  She certainly knows all of the tricks of the trade,  but her true magic is imparted when she naturally shares the ways she knows how to: stay positive, continue to enjoy life, remain strong as a family, and thrive.  She has mastered diabetes more as an art form and has great ability in counseling, guiding, and supporting others also trying to navigate the blood sugar super highway. Ultimately, what I have learned most from Jewels is how to find the balance,  take on the challenges with grace, and find the gifts in a healthier lifestyle.  Jewels is beyond dedicated to this cause, and I am so blessed to have found, when doing this work as volunteering through JDRF out of the goodness of her heart because of the commitment she has to the diabetic community.  We are all so lucky that she is now offering up her great gift and experience in diabetes consulting, to others who so need it like me.”
Joanna Kanow, Type 1 Diabetic, and Mom of Type 1 Child
Telluride, CO

“Jewels is the most professional registered nurse we have ever had at any of our camper programs. Jewels is instrumental in all phases of our Type  1 diabetes camper weekends, from helping to plan healthy menus, assist in the coordination of ordering necessary supplies, training of other camp personnel, serving as our lead RN, and insuring that the diabetic counselors and other RN’s are properly caring for their assigned campers. But the most important contribution to our camper program is her interaction with our campers, she is loved by all, so patient, very friendly, a great mentor and leader figure, she has a very special skill of being able to relate to every child, from how to change a site for the first time to why they should eat healthy and exercise, and leading those midnight BG checks.  She does it all, she even leads the kids in a great game of basketball, what more can you ask for in a professional, caring and loving person, truly amazing.”
Juan Morales, E.D. of Camp Operations, Camp Soaring Eagle Foundation
Scottsdale, AZ

“It is so difficult for me to sum up what Jewels has done for me over the past few years.   Not only has she been my number one cheerleader on my path to recovery, she was also the one who recognized my symptoms and who pushed me to get tested for celiac disease.  I honestly cannot fathom where I would be without her medical, nutritional, and self-motivating guidance.  Once my celiac disease panel and endoscopy came back positive, Jewels was there to answer every single question and calm my every worry.  I am now leading a full and healthy life greatly due to all that Jewels has done and continues to do for me.”
Lydia, Celiac Patient
Flagstaff, AZ

“I can’t think of anyone who has a greater depth of understanding diabetes both from a medical side as a nurse as well as from an adventure side as a climber of over 20+ years. Add to this her own life experience with Type 1 diabetes and successfully parenting a child with Type 1 diabetes and you can be sure that we ought to take at least one page out of her book. Parenting with diabetes, diabetes self management, climbing and wilderness sports, medicine and nutrition…these areas of expertise combine to make Jewels a leader in all things related to a truly healthy, holistic lifestyle for families and individuals with diabetes.”
Stephen Richert, Type 1 Athlete
, Springdale, Utah

“Jewels, a mother, nurse, and advocate, has a wealth of knowledge about Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and just about anything pertaining to health and wellness.  She is a true example of what health is.  She exudes compassion in all she does and is one of the most motivated people I know.  You would never know just how complex her or her family’s life is.  She leads by example, has an infinite amount of wisdom and is a true gift to our community.”
Kendra, RN
Flagstaff, AZ


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