Diabetes and Insulin Pump Tubing, Let it All Hang Out


insulin pump tubing gets in the way

Letting it all hang out means something completely different if you have diabetes, and an insulin pump.

Trained parents have got it down, if you hang out with a group of us you will hear “wait a sec honey!” (frequently), as we run to catch up and tuck the tubing in our kids pants.  We all know its easier to tuck it in than to deal with the aftermath of a pulled site and inserting a new one.  Now that my daughter is almost 11, it isn’t so proper that I take the liberty to do the tucking.  She finds that to be pretty annoying at this point in her young diabetes career.

If you wear an insulin pump or have a child that does you know what I’m talking about, right?  Type 1 diabetes has its own language, mannerisms and habits.  We all live with diabetes uniquely.

Volunteering at a diabetes camp is always a riot.  There is tubing hanging off of every kid and their sites are ripped out in a common frenzy throughout the week.  I must say, I personally enjoy the freedom and “who cares” attitude associated with pump tubing flapping in the wind.  Whether you are a conscientious “tubing tucker” or a “free for all pump wearer” we can all relate.

At work my Medtronic tubing never stays in my scrubs.  I don’t know if its the material or what but I am constantly trying to keep it where it belongs.  I know if I don’t I’ll be hanging myself up on some fixed object like a crash cart or a stretcher. Doorknobs are high on my list of incidental insulin pump issues and unfortunately they are everywhere you go.

I also like my tubing to be a bit hidden away because it decreases the amount of questions.  Most people think its a pager or something until they eyeball the tubing then their curiosity is peaked.

Kids get their tubing stuck everywhere.  We have ripped them out on chairs, doorknobs, swing sets, and on most everything that can catch a nice length of tubing.  My daughter likes to wear her site on the arm and that means tubing is hanging all over the place.

Omnipod has the market on a tubeless pump and we have even managed to rip those out in the past by knocking them on things.

Whether you let it all hang out or tuck it in no insulin pump is immune to accidents.


  1. Michelle says:

    Yes I am constantly tucking my 5 yr olds tubing in or telling her to pull her shirt down. She has got it stuck a few times mostly doorknobs and swings :) but only rips the sticker where we disconnect her off. Love this blog!

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