Top 10 things to like about a Dexcom CGM

Dexcom Continuous glucose monitor

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Somewhat dissatisfied with the performance of the Medtronic CGM, I started looking into Dexcom.  Dexcom is fondly referred to as the “Dex”.  I have been using the Dex for 24 hours now and have compiled a list of likes for you.

Top 10 things to like about Dexcom:

1. No bleeding with insertion

2. The inserter is controlled by the user, and is really painless

3. Successful insertion of the catheter without manipulation

4. Calibrating can be done at any time

5. Pain free system, I can’t even tell it is attached to me

6. The accuracy is pretty mind blowing

7. The handheld device is very user friendly

8. The site is very sturdy and water tight, no extra security tape on top of the system is needed

9. The information garnered from the system is priceless

10. The catheter can stay in place for 7 days, which is great for kids


  1. Stacey D. says:

    These are the things I love about the Dexcom too. The MM didn’t work well for me either. I’m glad you’re liking it so far. It can at times read lower than you actually are but I don’t find that too troublesome. If you sleep on the sensor, it can give false low readings (something affects the interstitial fluid it is reading). I try my best to not sleep on it but obviously that may not be too easy :)

    • Diana says:

      I’ve been using the MM CGM for the past 6 years, and while it was a blessing, I finally switched to the Dexcom since I was switching to the Animas Ping. I am currently wearing both CGMs to test how they compare. My MM works great, however the Dexcom is just a tad better due to needing to calibrating while my blood sugar is rapidly rising/falling.

      I also like that the Dexcom DID NOT hurt when I was inserting it. I used to dread when I had to change my MM sensor. Or course, that brought me closer to God, praying that He would help me push the button to insert the sensor. When I pushed the plunger on the Dexcom, I was expecting the harpoon-like sensation that I always experienced with the MM and was surprised that all I felt was the initial prick (but that was it).

      • jewels says:

        I whole heartedly agree with you Diana. The differences in Medtronics CGM versus the Dex have been tremendous for our family. The accuracy was never there for us with the Medtronic product. The inserter is amazing, especially for a child.
        All the best!

  2. Laurie Boatman says:

    I have been a medtronic product user since pumps and CGM’s came around. I also am so very frustrated now with the tremendous errors. I and am giving up on Medtonic and am looking for what other products, pump and CGM to use. So sad! Feels like I am losing something that has been with me for so many years….. Too dangerous with the 50- 100 point errors on the glucose readings. It has caused me tremendous problems. They have the newest artificial pancreas product, but how could I trust that? I guess on to Animas and Dexcom? Any other input is welcome! Thanks.

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