She Sugar Endorsed Celiac Blogs


Art of Gluten-Free Baking : This blog is written by a gal from Seattle who is a fabulous baker of non-glutinous items.

Brittany Angell’s Real Sustenance – Gluten and Allergy Free Living: Author and blogger of primarily all dairy and gluten free recipes.

Celiac Chicks : What’s not to love in the name of this blog and super cute logo?! Great recipes if you are looking for a “hip and healthy gluten free lifestyle”.

Elana’s Pantry : Elana is awesome I truly just love her simple and clean website. Her recipes are creative and she has fantastic cookbooks! she sugar endorsed celiac blogsShe is all about cooking with almond flour revealed in her sweet almond heart logo!

Ginger Lemon Girl : Great blog written by Carrie who has been experimenting with gluten free recipes since 2007.

Gluten-Free Goddess : Fresh, creative recipes to inspire your gluten free life.  This is a winner in the world of celiac blogs.

Gluten Free Real Food : Gluten free, but still real food! Recipes created by a family whose eating habits have changed by Celiac disease.

Gluten Free Travel Blog:  Read about traveling with celiac disease and find the gluten free friendly places.

GFE- gluten free easily : Their motto is Gluten Free Easily- Heading in a different direction.

Shooting the Kitchen: Susan and Stephanie take their cameras into the best kitchens, take photos and adapt recipes.  Great website, check out the GF pizza!

TESSA- The Domestic Diva: I really enjoy the simple and healthy ingredient list Tessa uses in her GF recipes.

Check out Shesugar’s Pinterest page for favorite Gluten Free Recipes

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