The Best Prescription for Diabetes: Exercise

type 1 diabetes, exercise, JDRF, blood sugars

If you’ve contemplated the value exercise adds to a diabetes management regime – double it, triple it – heck, quadruple it.  The inherent benefits of moving the body with diabetes are countless; I’m actually uncertain how people manage their disease without it. [Read more...]

Glucagon App for Teaching

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Glucagon is an intimidating drug to administer.  Let’s face it – when someone you love needs it, you’re in panic mode.

I was so excited to find this free interactive educational glucagon app that Lilly produced.  I downloaded it and was pretty impressed by the quality.  I’ll definitely use this app to help teach others about what lives in the red box and how to use it.  Better yet, teachers can virtually practice from their android phone or ipad as well. [Read more...]

Taking Type 1 Diabetes To The O.R. – My Way

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I recently found myself outside of my usual hospital role – trading my scrubs for a hospital gown and taking my Type 1 diabetes on a trip to the operating room.  It’s always an enlightening place for a health care provider to occupy, perhaps even more so for a recovery room nurse. [Read more...]

Type 1 Diabetes – Life’s a Picnic

diabetes. type 1 diabetes, camp
You can always count on diabetes camp for a wet and wild experience.  After my last volunteer nursing stint, I’m reminded once again that my job is never done – even when its lights out.


Life’s a Picnic (with Type 1 diabetes)

One evening while watching kids gather around with lows, busting open juice boxes and tearing into snacks, I experienced a moment of diabetes truth: we eat ALL of the time with type 1 diabetes, hungry or not, day and night.  At camp, no sooner is a meal snarfled down and wiped up than preparations are made for the next one. [Read more...]

Aging Safely with Digital Healthcare

digital heathcareThe times they are a-changin’…  Bob Dylan had it right on the money didn’t he?  When we think about aging (we all are — of course), there are many things that come to mind.  Keeping our aging loved ones connected and not overwhelmed by these new digital healthcare technologies can be a challenge.

It is the age of digital healthcare, let us not forget.  As practices are exploding with patients and reimbursements are down many are looking toward the future of digital medicine and its possibilities.

There are so many choices for us to stay connected with aging loved ones.  Technology for this population must be simple, safe and fail proof or it will be shelved. [Read more...]

Beware of Hidden Gluten with Celiac Disease{Editor’s note- This post is a guest blog by Juli La Porte, Co-Founder, – check out their website!}

Have you been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease?  Maybe you are not a newbie, but you are still getting sick, not feeling well, or simply not getting any better.  Although you are on a gluten free diet, the healing process can still be quite lengthy and unexpected.  Take heed and be aware of hidden gluten in the foods you may be eating.

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder of the intestinal tract effecting 1% of the worldwide population.  Research by the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University notes, that it isn’t uncommon for patients that have been diagnosed well into adulthood, to only see a 40% recovery of their intestinal tract.  This only proves to strengthen mandate requiring strict adherence to a gluten free diet.  The most common slip-ups can be everyday items that you may not realize you are inadvertently poisoning yourself with. [Read more...]

Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Pump Safety Notification

Medtronic paradigm inaulin pumpMedtronic releases a safety notification for Paradigm insulin pump users.  Loose drive support caps may spur issues with insulin overdosing and resultant hypoglycemia.

They suggest customers never push in a loose support cap as it is on the bottom of the insulin reservoir compartment.

If you are a Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump user, check out the notification letter here.

Medtronic also addresses electronic issues when pumps are submerged in water.  If you have jumped in the pool (only to discover your pump was still on) you will want to contact Medtronic.




Type 1 Diabetes and Bedtime Snacks

type 1 diabetes and bedtime snacks

With type 1 diabetes we never let our guard down- especially in the middle of the night.  One of the most vulnerable times people may encounter is during sleep which brings about the importance of a bedtime snack.

Safety with type 1 diabetes is always paramount.  When we are at rest, our awake clues of hypoglycemia become dampened.  Lets look at the importance of a solid bedtime snack with recommendations from Sara Pinson, Registered Dietician (RD).

[Read more...]

Think Twice Before Buying Online Medications?

think twice before buying online medicationsThe cost of medications are astounding.  If you are paying out of pocket or have a newly minted drug on your prescribed list you know the personal cost.

If you are thinking about buying online medications, you will want to look at the FDA recommendations below.  Getting the medications you pay for is the number one priority.  Unfortunately there are scammers out there putting your health and your safety on the line.

The FDA has outlined helpful ways to keep you out of harms way.  Buying online medications can be tricky business, but for many it may be the only affordable option. [Read more...]

Current Recommendations for Pneumococcal Vaccine with Autoimmune Disease

recommendations on pneumonia vaccine and autoimmune diseaseThrow the word “vaccine” out to a crowd of people and you are bound to hear some heavy opinions.  Talk of immunizations begins at birth and follows you throughout your adult life.  For many, flu shots have become a common standard as the seasons approach winter.  If you are living with autoimmune disease, you may want to educate yourself about the pneumonia (pneumococcal) vaccine as well.

What is pneumococcal disease?

The CDC defines pneumococcal disease as follows: “Pneumococcal disease is defined as infections that are caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae, also known as pneumococcus.  Resultant infections from pneumococcal disease can be devastating and may even cause death. [Read more...]

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