Top 10 Reasons to Eat Teff


What’s The Buzz With Teff?

If you haven’t noticed, I use teff flour in my gluten free baking a lot and here’s why.

1. Teff has a delicious flavor, slightly sweet and nutty.  It is also known as “lovegrass”- whats not to love about that?Teff

2. Teff flour packs a powerful punch, it has a higher nutritional value than whole wheat flour. [Read more...]

She Sugar’s Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Finding a really delicious and nutritious gluten free bread has admittedly taken us a while.  In this recipe you will find two of my favorite grains, quinoa and teff flour.  It produces a sizable loaf, making it a winner in the world of small cardboard loaves. If you are loyal to store bought brands, you don’t know what you’re missing.

With all of the legwork complete, now you just need to make it!  We love this bread so much that I make it once a week.  My oldest daughter tells me she likes it more than “regular bread” (yes, that means gluten laden varieties).

Before you get started check out She Sugar’s “10 Tips for Successful Gluten Free Bread Making”.

She Sugars Gluten Free Bread

gluten free bread recipe

[Read more...]

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