Level Life Glucose Gel for Hypoglycemia


Level glucose gel for hypoglycemiaI’m always game for trying new products to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  When Ethan Lewis of LEVEL Life Glucose Gels contacted me, I was excited to check out his new products.  I must admit, on first glance they are a welcome relief from the large dusty jars of glucose tabs.

The mastermind behind Level Life Glucose Gels has type 1 diabetes himself.  Ethan knows firsthand what it takes to manage hypoglycemia.

Ethan states: “My inspiration to create LEVEL Life began out of struggle and personal need. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 and, like many, I have struggled with balancing blood sugars over the years. For me, the root of these challenges often started with low blood sugars episodes. They have been the scariest and toughest part about living with diabetes.”

LEVEL Life Glucose Gel is available in four flavors: strawberry banana, mandarin orange, vanilla and caramel.  The packaging is eye catching, closely resembling the look of instant Starbucks coffee.

Emma and I put these to the test during an active day outside downhill skiing.

level glucose gel

Our Review of LEVEL Life Glucose Gel:

  • Given the four choices, my 11 year old quickly selected the caramel flavor and I picked the vanilla.
  • The individual packages are easy to transport and open when experiencing hypoglycemia.
  • According to Ethan, his products are also gluten free.
  •  These packages are easy to transport and at 15 grams a package are just the right size and carbohydrate load.
  • These packages closely resemble GU Energy Gels.  If you enjoy this type of product, LEVEL Life Glucose Gel is for you.
  • After a few sips, I rolled it up tightly and was relieved that it didn’t leak into my ski pants pocket.
  • These sweet 60 calorie packets get the job done quickly so you can move on to your tasks at hand.
  • These are priced at $6.00 for a 3-pack and are available online or at CVS, Walmart, and RiteAid stores nationwide.

level glucose gel for hypoglycemia

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